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Physical Therapy Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Donna Bainbridge Physical Therapist, EdD, ATC 406-243-4017
Jennifer Bell Clinical Assistant Professor/Associate Director of Clinical Education 406-243-6827
Molly Blair New Directions Wellness Center Gym Coordinator 406-243-4016
Jaclyn Carson Physical Therapist 406-243-4017
Mary Coar Physical Therapist and Clinical Instructor 406-243-4017
Audrey Elias Teaching Assistant, PhD Student 406-243-2609
David Forbes Dean of the CHPBS 406-243-4343
Kathy Frantzreb Administrative Associate, Student/Faculty/Alumni Affairs 406-243-4027
Reed Humphrey Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy 406-243-2417
Beth Ikeda Professor, Physical Therapy 406-243-5190
Sharon Johnson Billing Specialist 406-552-9761
Toby Kinney Clinical Assistant Professor 406-243-4684
James Laskin Associate Professor, Physical Therapy 406-243-4757
Charles Leonard Professor, Physical Therapy 406-243-2710
David Levison Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education 406-243-2678
Brenda Tuleya Mahlum Clinical Faculty, Physical Therapist and Coordinator of UMPT Ventures 406-243-5189
Ryan Mays Research Assistant Professor 406-243-4621
Heather Mincey Administrative Associate, Clinical/Fiscal Management 406-243-2167
Ryan Mizner Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy 406-243-5183
Lori Morin Assistant Dean 406-243-4080
Sue Ostertag Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinic Director 406-243-2517
Mindy Renfro Research Assistant Professor 406-243-2429
Alex Santos Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy 406-243-2530
Ken Thompson Administrative Associate, Nora Staael Evert Physical Therapy Clinic 406-243-4006

The University of Montana-Missoula
School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812-4680
Phone 406.243.4753 Fax: 406.243.2795

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